Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Easter from Bebe and Cece!

Easter is almost here, it is one of Bebe and Cece's favorite holidays!  That is because they get to go shopping to their favorite store, Tails in the City, where the Easter Bunny is.  After the photo shoot with the Easter Bunny there is shopping for their upcoming business trip to Florida.  Mom is meeting with their distributor Central Pet Tampa while the girls stay at the house.  Bebe and Cece still have to look good for the trip though so after shopping they have a spa day with Laura Rosen at Ritz Kennel Salon. It is another one of their favorite things to do.  On Monday it was another day at the office and then off to the airport! The girls will be in Florida for Easter and then back to Chicago and work.  It can be very stressful being celebrity spokes models for Bobbi Panter Pet Products! Love Bebe and Cece xoxox

Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Springtime in Chicago!

Goodness, the weather has been so nice here that Bebe and Cece are enjoying walks in the fresh air and sunshine when taking breaks from their office duties.  The girls almost think it is summer or that they are in Florida as it has been so warm for March.  Things are very busy at Bobbi Panter Pet Products, there are lots of exciting changes coming that Bebe and Cece will be keeping all of their followers up to date on in the weeks to come.  One thing that Bebe and Cece have become concerned about is that their followers think they are just shallow celebrity models, but that is not true. In fact, Cece would love to be a service dog, she saw Mr. Gibbs on the Today Show and barked her support for him. The girls love to help dogs get rescued and find homes and are always sharing important information for pets and their mom/dads. This week is National Poison Prevention Week and this link is to a really important article about all things poisonous to dogs. So make sure your moms and dads read it! That's all for now, love Bebe and Cece! xoxox

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bebe and Cece are on Twitter!

Now you can follow Bebe and Cece on Twitter. They are known as the @sassyshihtzus. Mom Bobbi decided it was okay for them to have their own followers as there were so many other dogs on Twitter. That way they can tweet to their followers personally and not through mom Bobbi. This week is exciting for mom Bobbi as she is going to Boston.  PetEdge catalog now carries Bobbi Panter Pet Products! So mom is going to train their sales people on our products so that they can be experts like us and sell lots of shampoo. We wish we could go with her as we love to travel but we are going to stay here and keep an eye on the office for her. That's all for today, love Bebe and Cece xoxox!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We're Back from Global Pet Expo!

It is so good to be back home! Bebe and Cece love to travel but they are always glad to be back in their house in Chicago with their toys and comfy beds and going to the office with mom Bobbi. Last week was Global Pet Expo in Orlando and mom Bobbi had a booth for her yummy grooming products that the girls love to use.  Bebe and Cece told all of their Facebook friends and Twitter followers that they were going to be in mom Bobbi's booth, but not! People came  to the booth and asked for them, and even thought mom Bobbi was Bebe! They are really sorry that they didn't get to meet anyone who stopped by because even though the expo is pet friendly and all about pets mom Bobbi is very busy selling their products and talking to everyone and wouldn't be able to make sure they wouldn't get lost. Instead of going there Bebe and Cece stayed in their Florida house and had a great time! Cousin Ty was there, and played with the girls and when everyone was tired they all took a nap on the couch.  So much fun with dad Matt in charge! After the expo ended mom Bobbi came back and stayed with us until it was time to go home to Chicago.  We have another pet expo coming up on March 16th and this one is close to home. We will all be at the Chicagoland Family Pet Expo held in the Arlington Park racetrack March 16 - 18. Hope to see you there!! Love Bebe and Cece xoxo