Monday, April 30, 2012

A Week with Bebe and Cece

Well, the office has been so busy lately! Last week mom Bobbi had to get ready for two events! Brad, our national sales manager, went to Summit Pet's Customer Appreciation Show in Atlanta on Saturday the 28th and mom Bobbi has been in California since Wednesday.  Mom is calling on the buyer at Petco and visiting some of our customers like Krisers in Studio City and To Wag For in Santa Monica.  Mom is having a great time as she used to live in Los Angeles where she was an aspiring actress. Until founding dog Bobo lost her eyesight and mom changed her career to creating shampoos to help dogs skin and fur. Then on Sunday the 29th she was at Central Pet Santa Fe Springs Open House. Bebe and Cece miss her so much! Dad Matt brings them to the office everyday so that they can oversee the running of the office, which is part of their role as celebrity spokesmodel dogs.  Our new office person Cara, is walking the girls now, they confess that they do not make it easy for her, but they really like Larry and miss him too while he is on vacation.  Sandra took Dolly on their walk with them so they made quite the pack! It helps them not miss mom so much and they do appreciate everyone taking care of them even if they don't show it well.  That's all for now! Bye, love Bebe and Cece.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We're Baaaack!!

Hiya!  Bebe and Cece have been on vacation for awhile over Easter so they haven't had a chance to post a new blog lately.  The girls went with mom Bobbi to Florida while she had a business trip and they stayed at the house in Anna Marie.  The days went by so fast! Either lounging by the pool, playing with friends or even going to Easter sunrise service, it was a great time.  But now Bebe and Cece are back to work and going to the office with mom Bobbi everyday.  It is very busy!  Courtney is helping with the phones and orders, Larry, who the girls love, takes them for nice walks even when they don't want to go, and gives them treats after.  Most exciting of all is that Dolly is now in the office as her mom Sandra works for mom Bobbi. Bebe and Cece already wrote a blog about Dolly. And the girls want to take one last chance to celebrate Bebe's birthday, she turned 7 years old on Saturday the 14th.  Bebe is the paw-picked protege of founding dog Bobo so she is very important to Bobbi Panter Pet Products! That's all for now! Bye, love Bebe and Cece xoxox.