Monday, January 27, 2014

New Year...New Packaging and...New Products!!!

HAPPY 2014 to all!!
Bebe and Cece at a Black Tie
Event with Bobbi and Matt

New Year… New Packaging and… New Products!!

I can’t believe the first month of 2014 is almost over!  Time sure goes by fast.  It seems like yesterday that I was so frustrated with the options of dog shampoos for my beloved dog, Bobo, after drugs used during eye surgery destroyed her skin and fur that I started researching my own solution…and found it!  Fast forward to today, I have Bebe and Cece and three separate lines of Bobbi Panter Pet Products.  Thanks Bobo…your legacy lives on.

I am so exited for this year.   Bobbi Panter Pet Products is expanding rapidly!  2014 will be marked with some new packaging, new products and a larger inventory of products on hand.  I have taken suggestions from my retailers, distributors and direct customers and I am ready to start by rolling out new packaging on my Signature Line this spring.  We are flipping our lids…turning our upside down bottles right side up.  No leakage, no spilling and because our customers love to smell our products on the shelves…no messy shelves.  Thanks for all of the feedback.  That’s how I come up with my products and improvements so keep them coming this year!  There will be LOTS of surprises and GREAT products.  Oh, wait until you see one that I have been working on for over a year.  Watch for it this spring.  I am so excited.

Be watching for new adventures of Bebe & Cece as those two continue on their spokesmodel journey!!  What a good life those two have!  I am lucky to have them.

Keep following my blog, website, social media avenues to get all the exciting news as it rolls out. 
Thanks for all of your support.  Have a great 2014!!  Let’s make it count.

Bobbi Panter is the owner and creator of Bobbi Panter Pet Products.  Bobbi is proud to present 3 lines of shampoos that include Bobbi Panter Signature Line, Bobbi Panter Natural and Bebe and Cece dog shampoo by Bobbi Panter.  To learn more about Bobbi Panter Pet Products, visit our website at or contact Bobbi at