Friday, May 18, 2012

Nylabone War

The office at Bobbi Panter Pet Products is so busy! There are lots of orders and deliveries, phones are ringing the doorbell is buzzing! Bebe and Cece love it when the doorbell rings, especially when it is the mail lady. They bark and run around in circles, it is the highlight of their morning.  Dolly is coming to the office one or two days a week also. She likes to play a lot more then the girls do so Sandra bought her toys for the office. One of her toys is a Nylabone because she still likes to chew a lot.  Her mom Sandra bought her Nylabones to see if she could find at least one toy that Dolly couldn't destroy. Bebe and Cece have a really big basket of toys that sits on the floor by the front door and their fuzzy heart rugs. At first Sandra tried to keep the toys away from Dolly but as part Doxie she doesn't give up until she gets her way and the toys are put where she can get them. That is because Dolly gets all of the toys out of the basket, spreads them out all over the office and then proceeds to tear them to pieces. Mom Bobbi walks around picking up pieces of ears, tails, eyes and stuffing.  The girls get pretty upset about this but they don't play with the toys anyway so Dolly thought they wouldn't mind her playing with them.  Well, that's when the Nylabone War started.  Dolly ignored her Nylabone because she was so busy stealing the girls toys. Dolly was sitting under her mom's desk one morning where all of her toys (formerly Bebe and Cece's) were including the Nylabone. Well, Cece just walked right under the desk and reached delicately behind Dolly and picked up that bone and walked off with it, much to Dolly's surprise! Cece proceeded to her fuzzy rug and started chewing away. She really liked it and Dolly just did not know what to do about it, but she is a very polite dog and respects Cece so she didn't try to take it back. Now Bebe likes the Nylabone too! On days when Dolly isn't in the office the Nylabone can be found with their cases in Bobbi's office or on one of their fuzzy rugs. One of the girls is seen regularly sneaking it out from Dolly's bed and trotting off with their prize. It is like they think they are real dogs now not celebrity spokesmodel dogs! Bebe and Cece Tweeted all about their victory and Nylabone even retweeted them! Stay tuned for another episode of the Nylabone War at Bobbi Panter Pet Products! You can follow Bebe and Cece on Twitter @sassyshihtuzs.