Monday, May 6, 2013

Bebe's Brave Battle -- Update

It has now been a month since Bebe’s injury to her eye from a rose thorn. It has been an uphill and downhill battle the whole way. Just when we think we have turned a corner there is another setback. On Friday Bebe visited with her eye specialist Dr. Park at Eye Care for Animals in Chicago. We are very encouraged about her progress and that she will regain her sight in her injured eye.  She has 70% right now and we are hoping for 100%!

Cece is still trying to be a good sister but it’s tough when it looks like your best pal is getting more attention than you! So when Bebe got a new cone Cece showed her support by wearing the old cone to keep her company.

Bebe’s perkiness is slowing returning. She is enjoying looking out her favorite window at home and still comes to the office everyday with me and Cece.

We are hoping to get the cone off next week but until then…Bebe is looking and feeling good! Thanks for all of your love and support!