Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grooming Bebe, Cece and Shih Tzus

I created Bobbi Panter Pet Products after my beloved, Bobo, had eye surgery that left his skin and coat a mess.  So as a Shih Tzu owner and pet shampoo creator, I am often asked how I groom my own dogs, Bebe and Cece.
Weekly, while I am in Chicago, Bebe and Cece go to Groomer Laura Rosen at The Kennel Limited(1347 N. Sedgwick Chicago, IL 312-654-1973) for their "puppy cut".  Gorgeous Dog Shampoo is the original and still their favorite!

While in Florida, I often use Charlie Dog Flea and Tick Shampoo to keep all the local pesky insects away.  That was one of the reasons I created Charlie Dog Flea and Tick Shampoo.
 Two more tips:
 1.        I recommend Bad Hair Day Dog for the Shih Tzu long silky coat.

2.      Tear Free Products are very important for Shih Tzu’s senstive eyes.  All Bobbi Panter Pet Products are tear free.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bobbi Panter at BayFest 2012

Last Saturday, I was  happy to be back at my “second home” on Anna Maria Island, FL  Since 2006, I have arranged to make this trip home in October to participate in BayFest, an island festival with local vendors.  It is a great way to be part of the community.  This year, we had great weather, saw many friends and helped Safe Haven Animal Rescue get doggies adopted.
As a resident of Anna Maria Island and owner of Bobbi Panter Pet Products, I enjoy supporting this event and being present to greet my neighbors.  It was good to see so many of stores that carry and owners that use Bobbi Panter Shampoos & Conditioners. 

Safe Haven brought lots of gorgeous dogs that needed homes.  I fell in love with all of them but Maggie, a 3 year old beagle grabbed my heart!  Her owner passed away and she is looking for a caring home.  She was beautiful and so well behaved.  A caretaker, Maggie needs someone to "look after" and feel needed.  Her picture is below with the other doggies.  We always get about 5 dogs adopted and this year was no exception!
Enjoy the images from our booth:

Bobbi at BayFest 2012

Safe Haven Animal Rescue


Lady was adopted 3 yrs ago at BayFest

Joyce from The Paw Spa

Bebe, Cece and Matt

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nylabone War - Part 2

On our last blog we wrote about the upcoming Luke Laudolff Pet Carnival at Petco in Geneva. Well, the event was a huge success! Lots of people came, and with their dogs of course, and had a great time.  We mingled with the crowd, had our caricature done and gave out "pawtographs." Georgia was there with her new sister Zoe, the Laudolffs are their parents, and everyone got to meet them.  There were dog massages, we didn't have time for one, but lots of dogs were getting them and they looked like great fun! Anderson Animal Shelter was there with dogs and kittens up for adoption. The kittens were inside near where we were staying and Cece would have loved to have one come home with her. But, out of the four kittens, three went to new homes! And, five dogs were adopted too! That is what the carnival and Luke's legacy is all about, loving all animals and taking care of them.  The silent auction was a huge success and a lot of money was raised for the shelter.

Our friend Dolly the Doxie was here again at the office last week. She brought her favorite Nylabones from home, and sure enough, Cece took right off with one. And it was brand new, one her mom Sandra bought for her at the pet carnival. Well, Dolly wasn't going to stand for that, so she went and took the one Cece had. It was a new one that "Uncle" Brad (our sales manager) had given her, and she really liked it. So basically that is what went on all day, what one dog had the other wanted and on and on.

Today Dolly is here again and it's her birthday! She is two years old now.  Silly dog brought her Nylabones again and we saw a repeat of last week.  It looks like the girls will never get tired of the Nylabone Wars. Stay tuned for more adventures and don't forget to follow Bebe and Cece on Twitter @sassyshihtzus. Pictures of the carnival can be see on our Facebook page at Love Bebe and Cece xoxox

Friday, June 1, 2012

It's a very exciting time at Bobbi Panter Pet Products.  Everyone is preparing for Saturday's 5th Annual Luke Laudolff Pet Carnival.  The pet carnival is very special to Bebe and Cece's mom Bobbi. She started the carnival when good friends of hers, Paul and Joanne Laudolff, lost their 10-year old son Luke. Bobbi learned after his death about how much Luke loved animals. He loved animals of every kind but especially his beloved Border Collie Georgia.  Luke even volunteered at Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin, IL. That is an amazing accomplishment for someone so young. To honor his memory and love of animals Bobbi started the pet carnival in partnership with Petco in Geneva to raise money for Anderson Animal Shelter. Last year's event raised over $3,000 for the shelter and this year we all hope to raise more money. Petco is having a huge grand re-opening sale on the same day to celebrate their remodeling and new look. There will be lots of in-store specials only so a huge crowd should be at the event.  The pet carnival is lots of fun for families and it is pet-friendly, of course! Mom Bobbi will be busy doing pet beauty consultations and encouraging the crowd with the microphone.  A huge silent auction with lots of great items will be ongoing, popcorn and balloons will be given away all while a pet masseuse will be offering her services, a dog trainer will answer questions and a talented pet caricaturist will make a fun likeness of your pet. Of course, Anderson Animal Shelter will be there with adorable animals for adoption and each adoption will get a special Luke gift. But the best of all is that Bebe and Cece will be there! The girls will be making a personal appearance to help raise money for the shelter and will even be giving out "pawtographs!" The girls are very excited to see everyone, of course they had a spa day yesterday so they could look their best, and can't wait to get there!

On a sad note, Bebe and Cece lost their beloved grandad Cal on May 22. Cal loved the girls but Cece had a very special relationship with him so she was very upset and sad when her doggie instinct told her that she was going to lose him.  Cece knows that he is in a good place now and will sit in his lap again someday.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Nylabone War

The office at Bobbi Panter Pet Products is so busy! There are lots of orders and deliveries, phones are ringing the doorbell is buzzing! Bebe and Cece love it when the doorbell rings, especially when it is the mail lady. They bark and run around in circles, it is the highlight of their morning.  Dolly is coming to the office one or two days a week also. She likes to play a lot more then the girls do so Sandra bought her toys for the office. One of her toys is a Nylabone because she still likes to chew a lot.  Her mom Sandra bought her Nylabones to see if she could find at least one toy that Dolly couldn't destroy. Bebe and Cece have a really big basket of toys that sits on the floor by the front door and their fuzzy heart rugs. At first Sandra tried to keep the toys away from Dolly but as part Doxie she doesn't give up until she gets her way and the toys are put where she can get them. That is because Dolly gets all of the toys out of the basket, spreads them out all over the office and then proceeds to tear them to pieces. Mom Bobbi walks around picking up pieces of ears, tails, eyes and stuffing.  The girls get pretty upset about this but they don't play with the toys anyway so Dolly thought they wouldn't mind her playing with them.  Well, that's when the Nylabone War started.  Dolly ignored her Nylabone because she was so busy stealing the girls toys. Dolly was sitting under her mom's desk one morning where all of her toys (formerly Bebe and Cece's) were including the Nylabone. Well, Cece just walked right under the desk and reached delicately behind Dolly and picked up that bone and walked off with it, much to Dolly's surprise! Cece proceeded to her fuzzy rug and started chewing away. She really liked it and Dolly just did not know what to do about it, but she is a very polite dog and respects Cece so she didn't try to take it back. Now Bebe likes the Nylabone too! On days when Dolly isn't in the office the Nylabone can be found with their cases in Bobbi's office or on one of their fuzzy rugs. One of the girls is seen regularly sneaking it out from Dolly's bed and trotting off with their prize. It is like they think they are real dogs now not celebrity spokesmodel dogs! Bebe and Cece Tweeted all about their victory and Nylabone even retweeted them! Stay tuned for another episode of the Nylabone War at Bobbi Panter Pet Products! You can follow Bebe and Cece on Twitter @sassyshihtuzs.

Monday, April 30, 2012

A Week with Bebe and Cece

Well, the office has been so busy lately! Last week mom Bobbi had to get ready for two events! Brad, our national sales manager, went to Summit Pet's Customer Appreciation Show in Atlanta on Saturday the 28th and mom Bobbi has been in California since Wednesday.  Mom is calling on the buyer at Petco and visiting some of our customers like Krisers in Studio City and To Wag For in Santa Monica.  Mom is having a great time as she used to live in Los Angeles where she was an aspiring actress. Until founding dog Bobo lost her eyesight and mom changed her career to creating shampoos to help dogs skin and fur. Then on Sunday the 29th she was at Central Pet Santa Fe Springs Open House. Bebe and Cece miss her so much! Dad Matt brings them to the office everyday so that they can oversee the running of the office, which is part of their role as celebrity spokesmodel dogs.  Our new office person Cara, is walking the girls now, they confess that they do not make it easy for her, but they really like Larry and miss him too while he is on vacation.  Sandra took Dolly on their walk with them so they made quite the pack! It helps them not miss mom so much and they do appreciate everyone taking care of them even if they don't show it well.  That's all for now! Bye, love Bebe and Cece.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We're Baaaack!!

Hiya!  Bebe and Cece have been on vacation for awhile over Easter so they haven't had a chance to post a new blog lately.  The girls went with mom Bobbi to Florida while she had a business trip and they stayed at the house in Anna Marie.  The days went by so fast! Either lounging by the pool, playing with friends or even going to Easter sunrise service, it was a great time.  But now Bebe and Cece are back to work and going to the office with mom Bobbi everyday.  It is very busy!  Courtney is helping with the phones and orders, Larry, who the girls love, takes them for nice walks even when they don't want to go, and gives them treats after.  Most exciting of all is that Dolly is now in the office as her mom Sandra works for mom Bobbi. Bebe and Cece already wrote a blog about Dolly. And the girls want to take one last chance to celebrate Bebe's birthday, she turned 7 years old on Saturday the 14th.  Bebe is the paw-picked protege of founding dog Bobo so she is very important to Bobbi Panter Pet Products! That's all for now! Bye, love Bebe and Cece xoxox.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Easter from Bebe and Cece!

Easter is almost here, it is one of Bebe and Cece's favorite holidays!  That is because they get to go shopping to their favorite store, Tails in the City, where the Easter Bunny is.  After the photo shoot with the Easter Bunny there is shopping for their upcoming business trip to Florida.  Mom is meeting with their distributor Central Pet Tampa while the girls stay at the house.  Bebe and Cece still have to look good for the trip though so after shopping they have a spa day with Laura Rosen at Ritz Kennel Salon. It is another one of their favorite things to do.  On Monday it was another day at the office and then off to the airport! The girls will be in Florida for Easter and then back to Chicago and work.  It can be very stressful being celebrity spokes models for Bobbi Panter Pet Products! Love Bebe and Cece xoxox

Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Springtime in Chicago!

Goodness, the weather has been so nice here that Bebe and Cece are enjoying walks in the fresh air and sunshine when taking breaks from their office duties.  The girls almost think it is summer or that they are in Florida as it has been so warm for March.  Things are very busy at Bobbi Panter Pet Products, there are lots of exciting changes coming that Bebe and Cece will be keeping all of their followers up to date on in the weeks to come.  One thing that Bebe and Cece have become concerned about is that their followers think they are just shallow celebrity models, but that is not true. In fact, Cece would love to be a service dog, she saw Mr. Gibbs on the Today Show and barked her support for him. The girls love to help dogs get rescued and find homes and are always sharing important information for pets and their mom/dads. This week is National Poison Prevention Week and this link is to a really important article about all things poisonous to dogs. So make sure your moms and dads read it! That's all for now, love Bebe and Cece! xoxox

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bebe and Cece are on Twitter!

Now you can follow Bebe and Cece on Twitter. They are known as the @sassyshihtzus. Mom Bobbi decided it was okay for them to have their own followers as there were so many other dogs on Twitter. That way they can tweet to their followers personally and not through mom Bobbi. This week is exciting for mom Bobbi as she is going to Boston.  PetEdge catalog now carries Bobbi Panter Pet Products! So mom is going to train their sales people on our products so that they can be experts like us and sell lots of shampoo. We wish we could go with her as we love to travel but we are going to stay here and keep an eye on the office for her. That's all for today, love Bebe and Cece xoxox!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We're Back from Global Pet Expo!

It is so good to be back home! Bebe and Cece love to travel but they are always glad to be back in their house in Chicago with their toys and comfy beds and going to the office with mom Bobbi. Last week was Global Pet Expo in Orlando and mom Bobbi had a booth for her yummy grooming products that the girls love to use.  Bebe and Cece told all of their Facebook friends and Twitter followers that they were going to be in mom Bobbi's booth, but not! People came  to the booth and asked for them, and even thought mom Bobbi was Bebe! They are really sorry that they didn't get to meet anyone who stopped by because even though the expo is pet friendly and all about pets mom Bobbi is very busy selling their products and talking to everyone and wouldn't be able to make sure they wouldn't get lost. Instead of going there Bebe and Cece stayed in their Florida house and had a great time! Cousin Ty was there, and played with the girls and when everyone was tired they all took a nap on the couch.  So much fun with dad Matt in charge! After the expo ended mom Bobbi came back and stayed with us until it was time to go home to Chicago.  We have another pet expo coming up on March 16th and this one is close to home. We will all be at the Chicagoland Family Pet Expo held in the Arlington Park racetrack March 16 - 18. Hope to see you there!! Love Bebe and Cece xoxo

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bebe and Cece Travel to Global Pet Expo

It's finally here! We are so excited to finally leave for Global Pet Expo with mom Bobbi. We are especially excited this year because of all the new friends we have made on Facebook and following on Twitter.  There are so many other dogs that we can tweet with and we hope to meet them all in Orlando this week. We will be in Booth 3808 with lots of good information on our products, special deals, raffle and lots more! If you have your picture taken with us or mom Bobbi we will put it on Facebook to share with our friends. Look forward to seeing you there, paw waves from Orlando!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bebe and Cece at Home and Office

It has been another busy week at Bobbi Panter Pet Products.  Every morning mom Bobbi puts us in our carriers and takes us to the office. At the office we let her know when someone is at the door and keep an eye on all the activities, except when we are sleeping in our comfy beds in her office.  The other day at home we were looking out the window when a dog walked by. It caught us by surprise so we barked a lot, or Cece barked a lot, Bebe ran from window to window but Cece did not want to share her window.  The dog must have taken our warning because it went away. A very exciting time is coming up for us and mom Bobbi. The Global Pet Expo is only a few days away. We are really looking forward to meeting all of our new Twitter followers and new Facebook friends there.  Mom Bobbi will be at booth number 3808 so be sure to stop by and meet us (and Mom too)!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bebe and Cece's New Friend

Bebe and Cece have been very busy since they returned from their media trip in Florida.  As you have seen the girls did a video shoot and then last week had a new visitor to the office.  Her name is Dolly and she is a 20 month old Doxie mix rescue dog.  Her mommy Sandra is working on social media for their mom Bobbi and Bobbi Panter Pet Products.  Dolly was shy when she first got here but the girls gave each other the official doggie hello (butt sniffing our people call it) then her mom gave them all some treats and they all became friends.  Cece barked a lot as she thinks she is in charge, but Bebe was very sweet and sat by her and her mommy and kept her company. The girls shared some toys, water bowl and a bed for the floor.  Bebe, Cece and Dolly had a great time and can't wait until she visits again.

Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Bebe and Cece

Bebe and Cece wish all of their fantastic fans a very Happy Valentine's Day!  Visit Bebe and Cece on Facebook to watch them open their Valentine's Day gifts.  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Behind the Scenes with Bebe and Cece

Bebe and Cece just finished shooting the newest Bobbi Panter Pet Products video at their office in Chicago.  Take a peek behind the scenes and see how Bebe steals the show.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bebe and Cece on Film

Go behind the scenes with Bebe and Cece as they film their new Bobbi Panter Pet Products commercials.  They join their mom, Bobbi, to share with pet lovers how their shampoos and conditioners heal and soothe pet's skin.

STAY TUNED ... more pictures and videos to come.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Get to Know Bebe and Cece

Bebe and Cece are beautiful little 6 year old Shih-Tzu’s. They are full sisters from separate litters and act like synchronized swimmers.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bebe and Cece love watching Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn.  Watch to see what Cece gets excited about.  It's so sweet!  The girls just love this movie.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Another Day at the Office!

We have lots of work to do to get ready for the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida. 
We'll be there from February 28, 2012 - March 2, 2012.
Come visit us!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Louie visits our office!

Bebe and Cece had a cute boyfriend, Louie, visit our office to buy some shampoo!  Louie is a terrior/yorkie mix and boy is he cute!!  Cece took a special liking to him (don't tell George)!  Janet, Louie's mom, needed some Bobbi Panter Natural Moisturizing and Puppy shampoos and couldn't find them in her local store.  Lucky for Louie they live near our office and came over to visit...