Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nylabone War - Part 2

On our last blog we wrote about the upcoming Luke Laudolff Pet Carnival at Petco in Geneva. Well, the event was a huge success! Lots of people came, and with their dogs of course, and had a great time.  We mingled with the crowd, had our caricature done and gave out "pawtographs." Georgia was there with her new sister Zoe, the Laudolffs are their parents, and everyone got to meet them.  There were dog massages, we didn't have time for one, but lots of dogs were getting them and they looked like great fun! Anderson Animal Shelter was there with dogs and kittens up for adoption. The kittens were inside near where we were staying and Cece would have loved to have one come home with her. But, out of the four kittens, three went to new homes! And, five dogs were adopted too! That is what the carnival and Luke's legacy is all about, loving all animals and taking care of them.  The silent auction was a huge success and a lot of money was raised for the shelter.

Our friend Dolly the Doxie was here again at the office last week. She brought her favorite Nylabones from home, and sure enough, Cece took right off with one. And it was brand new, one her mom Sandra bought for her at the pet carnival. Well, Dolly wasn't going to stand for that, so she went and took the one Cece had. It was a new one that "Uncle" Brad (our sales manager) had given her, and she really liked it. So basically that is what went on all day, what one dog had the other wanted and on and on.

Today Dolly is here again and it's her birthday! She is two years old now.  Silly dog brought her Nylabones again and we saw a repeat of last week.  It looks like the girls will never get tired of the Nylabone Wars. Stay tuned for more adventures and don't forget to follow Bebe and Cece on Twitter @sassyshihtzus. Pictures of the carnival can be see on our Facebook page at Love Bebe and Cece xoxox

Friday, June 1, 2012

It's a very exciting time at Bobbi Panter Pet Products.  Everyone is preparing for Saturday's 5th Annual Luke Laudolff Pet Carnival.  The pet carnival is very special to Bebe and Cece's mom Bobbi. She started the carnival when good friends of hers, Paul and Joanne Laudolff, lost their 10-year old son Luke. Bobbi learned after his death about how much Luke loved animals. He loved animals of every kind but especially his beloved Border Collie Georgia.  Luke even volunteered at Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin, IL. That is an amazing accomplishment for someone so young. To honor his memory and love of animals Bobbi started the pet carnival in partnership with Petco in Geneva to raise money for Anderson Animal Shelter. Last year's event raised over $3,000 for the shelter and this year we all hope to raise more money. Petco is having a huge grand re-opening sale on the same day to celebrate their remodeling and new look. There will be lots of in-store specials only so a huge crowd should be at the event.  The pet carnival is lots of fun for families and it is pet-friendly, of course! Mom Bobbi will be busy doing pet beauty consultations and encouraging the crowd with the microphone.  A huge silent auction with lots of great items will be ongoing, popcorn and balloons will be given away all while a pet masseuse will be offering her services, a dog trainer will answer questions and a talented pet caricaturist will make a fun likeness of your pet. Of course, Anderson Animal Shelter will be there with adorable animals for adoption and each adoption will get a special Luke gift. But the best of all is that Bebe and Cece will be there! The girls will be making a personal appearance to help raise money for the shelter and will even be giving out "pawtographs!" The girls are very excited to see everyone, of course they had a spa day yesterday so they could look their best, and can't wait to get there!

On a sad note, Bebe and Cece lost their beloved grandad Cal on May 22. Cal loved the girls but Cece had a very special relationship with him so she was very upset and sad when her doggie instinct told her that she was going to lose him.  Cece knows that he is in a good place now and will sit in his lap again someday.