Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bebe and Cece go to Global!

The 2015 Global Pet Expo has finally arrived!
Bebe and Cece enjoying the
Florida sunshine!

While Bebe and Cece are off to Florida, enjoying the warmth and beautiful sunshine, we here at Bobbi Panter Pet Products have been all but chasing our tails trying to get everything purrrfect for Global. And I have got to say, I think we've got it!

Stop by our booth, #3751, and take a glimpse at our new label designs, along with BRAND NEW products! You wont regret it. Among these products, we are so excited to announce not only one, but TWO Conditioners!

Firstly, say hello to our Signature Line's NEW Sassy Cece Conditioner. Cece has been jumping for joy ever since getting her very own product and we can see why! This luxurious conditioner is made with Acai Berry, Keratin, Safflower Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin B to detoxify impurities while removing knots and taming wild hair. To be honest, I'm a little jealous of all the pampered pets right now. This conditioner rivals my own, if not better.

In our Natural Line, Nourishing Dog Conditioner is surely making some noise all on it's own. Made with Safflower Oil, Keratin, Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Gel, Nourishing Dog Conditioner detangles, dematts, and adds luster to skin and fur. If you're a fan of our Moisturizing Dog Shampoo scent, make sure to take a sniff at this beauty! Same amazing fragrance to go hand-in-hand with your favorite Bobbi Panter Shampoo.

Bobbi Panter Pet Products'
NEW Solution Sprays are on the way
Also on it's way, are 3 NEW Solution Sprays (Itchy Dog Spray, Stinky Dog Spray, and Charlie Dog Flea & Tick Spray), 2 NEW Colognes (Gorgeous Dog Cologne and Moisturizing Dog Cologne) and an Equine Line that will blow your mind away! (That's right, you read it correctly.) Our very own Horse Line! It's a great time here at Bobbi Panter Pet Products and we hope you're just as thrilled as we are! Stay tuned for more amazing announcements!

We hope to see everyone at the 2015 Global Pet Expo!
For more information, contact us at: or 866.364.6634

Bobbi Panter is the owner and creator of Bobbi Panter Pet Products. Bobbi Panter Pet Products consists of three distinctive product lines; the Signature Line, Bobbi Panter Natural & Bebe and Cece dog shampoo by Bobbi Panter. To learn more about Bobbi Panter Pet Products, visit our website at or contact Bobbi at 

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